What are the causes of lethargy and frequent sleep


 is very important, many people may be surprised that sleep deprivation has a negative impact on all aspects of life, it affects physical and psychological health, and the person becomes more vulnerable to diseases and accidents. 
Although it is not known exactly what the brain does during sleep, some scientists suggest that the brain arranges and stores information, as well as solves problems. 
It can be noted that lack of sleep in children may hinder their body and immune system growth adequately, according to the researchers. 
Sleep stagesWhen a person is asleep, he does not know that he or she is going through multiple stages of sleep, 
the brain moves around, telling the body how to sleep, and with the deep immersion in sleep, the person enters the five stages of it as follows: 
Stage 1:
 At this stage of light sleep, the sleeper enters what is known as the tooth, a journey during which the sleeper wakes up easily with any rather simple sound.
Stage 2:
 After a little while, the person enters the second stage, which is characterized by being a little deeper, during which the brain gives signals to the muscles to relax, and sends signals to the heart to beat more slowly, and breath to be quieter, even the temperature is falling at this stage 
.Stage 3:
 When the person is at this stage is in a deeper stage of sleep, and the blood at this stage sends signals of blood pressure to decrease, and the body at this stage is not sensitive to the air temperature around it, i.e.
 the person does not notice if the atmosphere of the room is cold or a little hot, as It's more difficult to wake up at this point, and some people may walk or talk during this phase.
Stage 4: 
This stage is the deepest stage of sleep, where it is very difficult to wake the person during it, and if the person actually wakes up during this stage he is confused for at least several minutes, and as in the third stage, the person at this stage may walk or talk, when Moving from this stage to another, less profound phase.REM sleep: Although the body muscles are completely relaxed at this stage, the eyes move very quickly under the eyelids, the heart beats rapidly and the breathing is less regular;When a person is asleep, he repeats the second, third and fourth stages, as well as the rapid eye movement around every 90 minutes until he wakes up.
 Troubles that cause frequent sleepDiseases and disorders that cause inactivity and frequent sleep include a wide range of diseases and disorders, 
and then we review some of them:
Troubled leg syndromeIt is a disorder characterized by bad feeling in the legs and a strong desire to move them, and may also cause vibrational movements every 20 to 30 seconds throughout the night, sometimes affecting other parts of the body as well. 
Symptoms of this disorder occur when a person is at rest or sleep, and since the symptoms are worse at night, they conflict with persistent sleep and lead to daytime sleepiness. Treatments for this disorder include: 
Use iron or vitamin B12 supplements if your doctor finds their levels are low and recommended to use them.Talk to your doctor about the possibility